My agony post

(with apologies to Michael Wilder)

Faces Across the Board

I learned not long after the US Open that my mug would appear in “Faces Across the Board,” a new column in Chess LIfe.  I did written and phone interviews.  I bargained to have a different picture used; sadly, the ‘crazy eyes’ (thanks, dear wife) look on my face above is what America gets to remember me by.  I waited and I waited, and then tonight, the pdf went live on the website.

The tubes of the Internet couldn’t do their tubely things quickly enough!  I cursed my only mega-fast connection and clicked on the downloaded file just as fast as my fingers could fly!  And then…

Well, at least it’s only two typos.  I’m used to people dropping the second ‘N.’  But couldn’t they at least get the URL of the blog right?

Addendum: Make that two typos and a factual error – it’s Leon Hoyos, not Luis Hoyos.  I checked my e-mail and my copy of the written background questionaire I filled out.  None of these are on me.

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