2014 US Open: Rd 9

The worst game I have played in my adult chess life. I am showing my ass here, but what else can I do?

Other items of possible interest: common sense prevailed for one moment at the Delegates Meeting when the knee-jerk ADMs about the problems at the National Elementary scholastics were defeated. It left the room when we spent 30+ minutes on the wording of the rule which specifies that you must touch the king first when castling. A NY TD introduced a slew of ADMs that would have added rules / TD tips to the rulebook to cover the rarest and most inconsequential situations. That took up another 40 or so minutes.

Everyone has plays a real stinker now and again, but did I have to pay so much money for the honor of doing so here?

At least I have the rest of the day to do something … once the thunderstorm that just rolled through passes.

I finished at 4/9 and I will lose dozens of rating points. A recap may follow eventually. Or not. Whatever.


1 thought on “2014 US Open: Rd 9

  1. Aziridine

    You dropped a clear pawn on move 12 against someone rated 350 points lower than you in a last-round game of a tournament you cared about – it’s perfectly understandable why you should be upset and that you immediately lost interest in the game. The one lesson worth taking away is to never reject a queen trade out of hand just because you feel a need to keep the queens on against a weaker player. First of all, even if you’re not comfortable handling an endgame, they’re surely even more clueless than you are. Plus, in this case the trade’s quite clearly favourable: your kingside expansion will be more effective with the queens off, since weakening the pawn cover in front of your king is less of a concern; and your bishop pair also becomes more influential.


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